About us

Hitchin Volunteer Army started in Autumn 2013 when a group of like minded people discovered there were local families who lacked basic possessions such as beds, ovens and clothes. The group, which was initially based on Facebook grew to become Hitchin Volunteer Army CIO.  

We help families and individuals from all walks of life. They maybe on low incomes, have lost their home due to fire/flood, women and children escaping domestic violence, the previously homeless or those experiencing family breakdowns. They have housing but they may have an under-furnished home.  I know some people are shocked that there are even people going without basic items like beds or fridges. But unfortunately there are families who after basic expenses such as rent, utilities and food are paid, they have little or no funds left for basic furnishings. 


We accept donations of second hand furniture that are then passed onto local families and individuals in need, free of charge!  We also provide clothes and smaller household items free of charge to those clients that meet our referral criteria.

We also run the Community Wardrobe, a project where families who are in need of clothing can come and pick up preloved good quality clothes, uniform, shoes and coats.


We are also part of the Hitchin Christmas Hamper Appeal.  This is a special project made up of local charitable organisations who provide local people with a Christmas hamper, which not only contains the components of a traditional Christmas dinner but also other store cupboard essentials to help through the festive period.  Gift bags are also given with hampers to families with children.