It has been an unbelievable year. Many of us were hoping that the start of a new year would be a turning point, a glimpse of a light at the end of the tunnel. And with the release of a new vaccine that light is getting brighter by the day. But we still have far to go, and the start of a third lockdown means once again many families will be finding their income significantly reduced when they were already just keeping their head above water.


At the start of the first lockdown we launched the Hitchin Food provision fund which was organised by a team made up of local charitable organisations that have previously worked together for the Hamper Appeal. Through various grants and donations we have been providing families who have been effected by the pandemic financially with regular supermarket vouchers so they can buy food for their family.


Now at the start of this new year we ask you the community to help us support local families who have been adversely effected by the pandemic. Many have been furloughed once again or had work hours reduced, many may have lost jobs as the high street continues to lose big name businesses, all this on top of this being a difficult time of year in general due to a longer gap between pay slips and Christmas spending on the credit card.

Our review of the past year is below.  Remember we still need your help and support so visit our JustGiving Page today!